Monday, September 28, 2009

Bannockburn Heritage Centre

I've decided to focus on local history and places of interest for the time being, which brought me to the Bannockburn Heritage Centre to photograph the King Robert the Bruce statue. The heritage centre is located on the site of the famous Battle of Bannockburn where the Scots defeated the English in 1314. It has to be said the large bronze statue of Bruce on horseback is rather impressive. Surrounded by undulating countryside the site provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on times past and sees a steady flow of tourists and school outings. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grangemouth Oil Refinery

The Grangemouth Oil Refinery is a sprawling mass of cooling towers, chimneys and burning flares. I made a brief visit this evening for some photography of the site but had to battle with the weather. A fierce wind meant that even on a hefty tripod my camera was prone to shake, producing less than sharp images. This was the best of a bad bunch. Better luck next time as they say.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What to do on a day like today...

It was a weird kind of day today, dull, cloudy with a chill in the air warning of the colder months to come. Rather depressing to be honest with you. However I thought I'd try and make the most of the overcast conditions and get out and see what's what in the surrounding countryside.

The countryside was looking a little sorry for itself with most of the flora and fauna beginning to die off and make the transition to Autumn. This Rosebay Willowherb above more or less sums up the end of the bright summer colours, although I'm secretly looking forward to the stunning Autumnal reds and browns to come.

There were plenty of brambles and other fruits out in the hedgerows. Although the ones above weren't quite ready, I sampled a few plump black fruits which tasted great! Not the most exciting of photographic adventures I know, but it did quench my creative urge for the time being.

A brand new day; a brand new blog...

I've been posting 'blogs' on the Escape Images website for a good while now without using any official blogging software. This has served its purpose but has its limitations; no comments, automatic archiving or subscription feeds for starters. So, it's time for a new approach, hence this new blog. Bear with me if the format changes quite a bit, but hopefully it will all be change for the better.

I'll start off by posting some latest images: just to get the hang of things...

Hopefully the new blog format will be easier to read and enjoy. Please get in touch and let me know what you think of it, it is always good to get feedback from readers.